College Representative Program

Lead your college to glory

Why to become a CR?

About US

Zeitgeist is one of the biggest annual college's cultural festival of North India: A fiesta where art, talent, and diversity meets. It has a total footfall of more than 12k & a reach of more than 250 colleges. Encapsulating the spirit of times, Zeitgeist provides an opportunity to the people from all over India to showcase their talent. It provides a platform to the young talents of our nation to stir the atmosphere, rock the audience and set the stage on fire. Zeitgeist has hosted many talented and celebrated personalities like Mohit Chauhan, Alfaz, Zephyrtone and so on. Filled with the exhilaration of heated competition and exuberant events, Zeitgeist'18 is here to rock your heart.

Why Become College Representative?

Leadership Skill

To become a leader in the world of followers.

Communication Expertise

An opportunity to improve your communication & managerial skills.

Certificate of Appreciation.

We appreciate your work

Auxillary Benefits

Grab official Zeitgeist 2k18 merchandise, Recieve goodies from our sponsors.


  • 5 CRs who will bring maximum participation will get a chance to meet the stars.
  • Top 10 CRs will get a certificate of excellence with their rank mentioned in it.
  • Top 8 CRs will get free t-shirt of Zeitgeist18.
  • CRs who will bring more than 50 participants will get free goodies and t-shirt of Zeitgeist18.
  • All remaining CRs will get certificate of participation.


    Lead the contingent from your college. ACQUAINT student of your college with ZEITGEIST. Ensure maximum participation in the events.

    Ensure that maximum people visit and REGISTER on the Zeitgeist website.

    Encourage others to LIKE & FOLLOW Zeitgeist's insta & fb pages, use 'invite all' & share page link on whatsapp. Share event's posters & posts in different groups of facebook & whatsapp.

    Print some posters and stick them at active & lively areas of your college campus.


  • Who are College Representative?
    CRs are liaisons b/w Zeigeist & their college. They're active leaders in their campus community who act as representative of Zeitgeist.

  • How to apply for CR?
    By clicking on 'REGISTER' button on the CR Portal at official Zeitgeist website.

  • What is the eligibility to become a CR?
    College student having valid College ID Card.

  • How many CRs can be there from a college?
    If student participation from one college is large then, more than one CR can be appointed.

  • How much time and effort would be expected from me?
    Completion of assigned task with dedication & seriousness.

  • What are the responsibilities of a CR?
    1. What are the responsibilities of a CR?
    2. Promote Zeitgeist & ensure maximum participation in it.
    3. Share event's posters & posts on social media.
    4. Print some posters & stick them at active & lively areas of their campus.

Become a CR